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December 2006

Official Vennis Rules & Draft Convention of Fun 12-30-06

Vennis Brawl 12-28-06

Exhibition Game December 26 12-25-06

End of the 2006 Season 12-19-06

January 2007

Public Drinking and Indecent Exposure 1-7-07

Council Member Davis Punches Cameraman, Arrested for possession of cocaine 1-7-07

New Vennis store 1-4-07

Phat Plate 1-4-07

Trouble in Wasington, adverted 1-4-07

Saam Brown resigns as GM/Owner of Milkmen, Davis takes control 1-3-07

Trade Demands drive Vennis managers crazy 1-2-07

Vennis Draft Results and First LVA Meeting 1-1-07

February 2007

Nothing happens…

March 2007

Nothing happens…

December 2008

Vennis Returns.

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