What this page is for

This page is for discussions on proposed rule changes and such. This way its easier for all the owners/managers/Series I players to talk without having to find time for a big meeting.

The Commissioner

Who should the commissioner of the league be? Edit this and nominate people!
Joe Piemonte, He is thinking about retiring but it is unknown if he has completey retired, but he would be a good commissioner considering he was there from the beginning

3 v. 3

3 vs. 3 regular season games or 2 v. 2 regular season games?

The expansion teams

We need 2 more managers. There are people who want to manager. Lets get it going.

B Teams and 5 players

Should we have B teams and a 5 player maximum on the team? 5 Players is pretty much needed if we do 3 v. 3.

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