The International Federation of Vennis is the first international professional vennis league ever. It consists of teams from all over the world. In addition to the league the International Federation of Vennis has a governing body of the same name. All team owners and Series I players are invited take part in governing body votes. Each year one person is selected by the governing body to be commissioner of the league.


The league will play a regular season schedule with a 4 team playoff. The regular season is tenatively scheduled to begin May 15th, 2007.

Each team may sign 5 players to the active roster. Teams may also be allowed to create a "Second" or "B" team to play against other B teams. Players may be called up/sent down during the season to and from the First and Second Teams.

Each team should submit contracts to Jared Davis by April 31, 2007. Contracts should be signed by both player and owner of the signing team.

Regular season matches will be played with official Vennis rules and either in a 2 v. 2 or 3 v. 3 format.


# Team Name Wins Losses Win % Next Game
1 Windsor Spartans 0 0 100 TBD
2 R4N 0 0 100 TBD
3 The Border Patrol 0 0 100 TBD
4 The Minorities 0 0 100 TBD
5 Joe Experience 0 0 100 TBD
6 The Highlanders 0 0 100 TBD
7 Team To Be Named Later 0 0 100 TBD
8 Team To Be Named Later 0 0 100 TBD
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