Unfortunately, during the first season of Vennis most tournaments and tournament stats were lost to history, but now that we have a website we can convieniently keep track of them

Springfest Tournament 2007 - Hosted by Dr. Shawn McDonough

The tournament will be played 3 vs. 3 rules with two referees for each game. Teams will consist of players from the same grade level. If one grade level has more than one team then those teams will play each other. The best team from each grade will then face the best teams from other grades.

Preliminary in-game matches will be played best of 5 games, the semifinal and final matches will be played best of 7

Freshman vs. Juniors (Game 1)
Sophomores vs. Seniors (Game 2)

Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2

Teams may enter the tournament by contacting Jared Davis by phone, email, fax, pager, telepathy, mail, in person.

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