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Dear Jon Letter
Players Speak Out About Their Rights
Jon if you have a problem with me or anyother player in the LVA just tell us to our face, and never put your problems with me up on our website. This can be seen by everyone not just specific people.
So what i made up a nickname for myself(The Creator). No one else has a problem with it and i was just screwing around when i made it up. I understand that i wasn't the only one to be there that day when Vennis was invented, but still i was there. I have spoke with steve and pete about the matter and they do not care. you must know i did not make it to be racist in anyway.
Now if you have a problem with any of the players on my team, Josh Matte, do not say anything bad about him. At this point in time he is going through a very rough section of his life and just because it does not invovle you does not mean it is not important, he cares alot about you and other people. i am sorry that is probally hard for you to understand but there is more than one person in this town. So what if other people need more help right now than you, i personally could care less about what josh says and does as long as he is honest about it. secondly do not say anything about my manager justin either, he is an above average player and manager. Just because i signed with him and not you do not say that contracts are unfair and should not be aloud, just deal with and sign other players. The contract between me and him is fine, i do not demand anything to big, but nothing to unnessecary. I care more about this game than i think you understand. Just because i go over the edge during a play does not mean anything.
Jon and finally if you do not like my friends, that is fine i doubt they like you either, but do not bitch to me about how they haven't been saved, and how they only think about themselves, you think only about yourself and how other people act in your life. I am sorry this is the truth and i have wanted to tell you for a while. They are true people that i care about and do not want you to speak badly about them no matter what. They never speak badly about you why do you say bad things about them all the time. They have more interesting qualities and more morals than you do, they are also alot more fun to hang out with and less annoying. I care so much for them and i want to protect them. Jon i do not think i can forgive you about this and i am not going to speak to you for a while till you learn that there are more people in this game than you and in this town, and till you apologize to the people you spoke badly about.

Joe Piemonte

SexCops win! SexCops win!

Welcome to by VennisVennis, 01 Dec 2006 21:35
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