In late December 2006, the LVA Elders met and decided that the time was right to begin the next phase in Vennis' takeover of the world. Their decision was to create the first organized Vennis league. The League which goes by several different names is referred to as Major League Vennis at this website. 6 initial teams were created, these teams were given owners and drafted players on December 31st, 2006.

Owner Changes and Expansion

Days after the draft, the LVA sanctioned several owner changes. Most notably was the rise of Justin Smith as Owner of The Joe Experience and Jared Davis as owner of The Team Formely Known as The Milkmen Now Known As The Mighty Project Vandersexx of Amsterdam

Also, the LVA has provisionally approved of 2 expansion teams with owners to be named later.


The league will play a regular season schedule with a 4 team playoff. The regular season is scheduled to begin May 15th, 2007.

Each team may sign 4 players to the active roster. Manager/Owner of Project Vandersexx Jared Davis has proposed that in addition 2 player reserve roster be allowed.

To become official, a team must deliver a contract, signed by both parties to a Vennis Elder, who will then sign the contract and deliver it to Jared Davis, who will enter the contract into the website so things can stay organized and to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

Regular season matches will be played by Official Vennis Rules with a 2 v. 2 format.


# Team Name Wins Losses Win % Next Game
1 Project Vandersexx 0 0 100 TBD
2 R4N 0 0 100 TBD
3 The Border Patrol 0 0 100 TBD
4 The Minorities 0 0 100 TBD
5 Joe Experience 0 0 100 TBD
6 The Highlanders 0 0 100 TBD
7 Team To Be Named Later 0 0 100 TBD
8 Team To Be Named Later 0 0 100 TBD
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