Official Vennis

With the growth and expansion of Vennis the time has come to resolve several recent disputes about the rules of vennis. Many players have expressed disdain at the lack of a real definition of what is official vennis, and the lack of more explanation on what several rules are/mean.

I, Jared W Davis, propose a meeting of the Vennis Nobles and Elders to discuss and determine what these official rules should be and more clearly define the meanings of several disputed rules…

Rules That Not Alot of People Know What They Mean

  • The Rich Cautella Rule
  • The Fat Rule
  • The Reach-Over Rule
  • The Don't Kick The Ball Over the Fence or Really Hard Into The Ground Rule (TDKTBOTFORHITGR for short) or since if you read that acronym really really fast it could be misconstrued into the word Robot For Hitler, or the "Hitler Rule"
  • Incidental Hits/Contact
  • The Don't Say The F Word Really Loud Because the Cops Are Around Rule (TDSTFRLBTCAAR) or for short the "Saam Rule"

I also propose an official Draft of Series II players.
The way the draft would work.

1. Series I Players could declare that they are creating a team. A maximum of 2 Series I players can declare for a team, but you do not need 2 players to make a team
2. Series I players who do not declare for a team are entered into the draft pool
3. Each team that has been declared will put their team name into a hat. The draft order will then be determined by the hat pickingness.
4. Leftover Series I players and Series II players are drafted.
5. There should be 4 playersish per team.

Post-draft teams may trade players and do other things if they don't like the players they drafted.
Having 4 players on a team ensures that each team should have enough players at a tournament. If a team does not have enough players at a tournament, but another team has 3, the team with 3 players may loan the 3rd player to the team with 1 player on a temporary basis.

I also suggest doing all this on New Years Eve, aka December 31st, 2006.
<3 Jared

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