Trade Demands

Trade Demands drive Vennis Managers Crazy

Joe Piemonte and Jared Davis

The top two players in the game of vennis today have reportedly demanded trades from their managers. Toronto Milkmen Star Jared Davis wants more money and a shorter contract. General Manager of the Milkmen, Saam Brown has reportedly decided he is not giving up the money and said, "Jared can eat a (explicative deleted)". The biggest name in Vennis (by his size, and his play) wants out of Washington. "I am this team here. Without me, we are a (explicative deleted), and an overachiever, what can I do with that, these (explicative deleted) can go (explicative deleted) themselves with a (explicative deleted)." Joe says, "Give me managerial power or I will sit the entire Vennis season and then next year leave the LVA for something better. I can do better." First thought as very ignorant by the press and other players in the LVA, Joe followed up those comments by saying, "My family is being torn apart here. If I can leave and go to a better respected team, maybe I can start all over. I am doing this for my family, I am doing what I believe is best for them and my career. I am getting old, I am the third oldest player playing the game today. How much longer do you think I can play. This is the tail end of my career, I want and need to win now. I don't want to be on a team like Farmington that only thinks about building for the future. Please I have been part of this organization since the first vennis draft. Let me leave and go on to bigger and better things. I love the town of Litchfield and my friend's and family. I am just doing this for them and no one else. I am begging you please give me a chance." Justin Smith the current manager of The Joe Experience has not commented on this article yet.

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