Vennis Brawl

On December 28, 2006 a sad day in the history of vennis, a brawl broke out at the Albuquerque Courts. Joe Piemonte had just spiked off the head of Pete Chuckran. A spike which made Chuckran look absolutley foolish. Joe then said quote "Why dont you go back to Vennis pre-school you little <explicative-deleted>". Pete followed by jumping over the net and repeatedly punching Piemonte in the face until Jared Davis came over and knocked pete off of joe with a round house kick. Then Tyler "Series Two" McAlevy came over and stabbed jared in the chest with a cell phone antenna. Jared bled out on the court. Joe Piemonte head butted Tyler into Andrew Shaffer breaking both their spines, then punched the now standing Pete Chuckran in the face and ran off the court screaming "Carmelo Anthony".


  • Pete Chuckran - 15 years of anger management with Mr. T
  • Joe Piemonte- Life (being challenged by players union)
  • Jared Davis - 2 weeks or till resurrection
  • Tyler McAlevy- Until Prison Term is Up
  • Andrew Schaffer - Pending
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