Vennis Draft

On December 31st, 2006 the 1st Annual Vennis Draft was conducted. Andrew Schaffer was a surprising top choice by the Worst Vennis Team Ever managed by Tyler McAlevy. With the 2nd choice the Milkmen made an excellent selection by choosing all-world forward Jared Davis.

Pick # Team Name Round 1 Selection Round 2 Selection
1 R4N Andrew Shaffer Tim Peterson
2 Milkmen Jared Davis Ben Santos
3 The Joe Experience Justin Smith Josh Matte
4 The Border Patrol George Reagan Alex Proelman
5 The Minorities Joe Kang Nick Adams
6 The Highlanders Nick Shibley Brad Loeb

Draft Grades:

R4N - They made a shocking first overall choice, choosing the inexperienced Andrew Shaffer with the first overall pick. Many experts predict this move will not cripple the team for years to come. Not wasting such a valuable pick on an proven player such as Shaffer may not prove a downfall of this team. Their 2nd pick, Tim Peterson was more of a solid choice, in Peterson they get a big upfront player who should improve with experience. Draft Grade: B+

Milkmen - The Milkmen made a smart choice in choosing all-pro forward Jared Davis with their first pick. His speed, determination, and spiking power will prove beneficial to the Milkmen attack in the summer. The only catch with Davis is that he is regarded by many as "clubhouse poision" and has reportedly already demanded a trade and Davis is recorded to have trouble with the law and has been reported to be arrested at the vennis courts from 1 to 569 times, and is not looked at as a role model to the kids. Their 2nd Pick went to Ben Santos. Regarded by many as the worst Vennis player ever, no one knows what came over Milkmen manager Saam Brown's mind when he made this pick. Draft Grade: B+

The Joe Experience - The Experience made 2 solid picks with Justin Smith and Josh Matte, but their biggest and best/worst aquisition came with the signing of Joe Piemonte to a monster contract loaded with personal incentives and guaranteed money and sexual favors. This Will be forever known as the deal of Dr.Thunder, and will go down as the greatest vennis deal ever for a player. Draft Grade: A-

The Border Patrol - They made 2 risky moves that may pay off in the summer, but this year might be a building season for illegal immigrant stoppers. Draft Grade: C

The Minorities - Made the worst pick ever by choosing Joe 'The Skiin Korean' Kang in the first round. Enough said. Draft Grade: F-

The Highlanders - Even though there pick fell late into the draft the highlanders made 2 excellent draft picks, they took Nick Shibley in the first round. Hes inexperienced, but has lots of potential at the foward position. Brad Loeb's all around skill and experience will come in handy in clutch situations for The Highlanders. They made their biggest aquistion by signing VI2008 Coverman Steve Hansberry to a lengthy contract. the reported rumors of the vennis internationale curse has forced steve to leave the country and wait out the preseason in wales. Draft Grade: A

Free Agency
Ranked right now as two of the biggest names in the game of Vennis did not enter the draft and enter Free Agency. Steve Hansberry joined up wit past team mate Jon Rivera of the highlanders, to make them a preseason favorite. The offers in his contract are closed to the public but it is reported he signed a one year contract, with a second year option. This was the first contract signed this year showing the players that the owners have the advantage, Exactly one half- hour later Joe "the Creator" Piemonte signed a deal with the Overachievers. Then as part off the biggest contract in vennis history, the manager positions were switched, justin smith became the new manager, and kevin doxey was removed from the team and sent over to the minorities. This contract gave the power back to the players, Piemonte is reported to have a no trade clause, no sausage- fest clause, beat justin at fifa clause, Santa clause Clause, and a doctor thunder clause. Joe was Agreat pick up but seems to already want control of the team or he will demand a trade. "if i don't get full control of this team and final desicion on the aquistion i will sit on the bench the entire season. Dont test me i can sit out this year, and next year leave to japan where they will give me a real contract, Get these stupid cameras out of my face." We will keep you up to date on this story. Free Agents Still Avaiable= Kevin (dox the cox) Doxey, Andy towne, Dan Adams, Keagan, and many more.

Recent news indicates that the milkmen are done: After threats of leaving the team by JWD, SNB has decided to retire the team before anything else occurs. A good move for both SNB and JWD. JWD will begin a new franchise team, and SNB will enter the league as a free agent.

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