Andrew Schaffer Suspension

Los Angeles, California (AP)- After a few rounds of vennis during his Christmas Break, Andrew Schaffer traveled to one of his several summer homes in California, although it is January, and decided to throw a party for being first overall pick with his typical ego. Several phone calls later Schaffer had hundreds of people in his summer home and many famous celebrities such as Joanne Rivers, Condolezza Rice, Gregory Peck and several others. Not soon after, the party got out of hand with too much drinking with Schaffer being one. Seeing that his house became too boring for drinking, he decided to take his rowdy behavior to the streets of L.A. taking Joanne Rivers with him. He only made it a few blocks until he finished his bottle of an unknown alcoholic beverage and attempted to do the 'no pants dance' with Joanne Rivers. Luckily a police officer drove by before the terror broke out and was arrested for public drinking and indecent exposure.

Andrew Schaffer was released on $5,000.21 bail, but that was no price to pay for what the manager of R4N had to say.

"This is outrageous!!!" said Tyler McAlevy in a recent interview, "what the heck was he drinking to be able to attempt to do the 'no pants dance' with Joanne Rivers?! He is being put on for one weeks suspension, not for the public drinking, and not for the indecent exposure, but for attempting to do the 'no pants dance' with Joanne Rivers!!! I cannot tolerate that kind of behavior on my team, whether it is on or off the court."

The most valuable player on team R4N Tim "God" Peterson had only one sentence to say, "I'm the man." His words were unquestionable.

Schaffer responded by saying, "Gwahadnf!"

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