Davis Angry

Amsterdam, Saskatchawan (AP) - Sunday evening, Project Vandersexx owner and LVA Council member Jared Davis spoke to the press about the increase in the amount of arguing over the Vennis league. As head of the web administration, Davis was concerned over the use of the news article section for furthering personal agendas and arguments over rules and the current state of the game. He said, "The news section was made to report news on upcoming, games, tournaments, the draft, the league, official rule changes, and other important happenings in the world of Vennis. It was not created to discuss how the game is being played or who has a problem with who, and who has a problem with someone having a problem with them." As he began to board the jetway to get on his chartered flight to the artic for one of his favorite past times, Walrus hunting, a cameraman appeared to shout an insult at Davis, saying "Save the Walrusii! What did they do to you, you pious racketeering, coke snorting (explicative deleted)?!?".

Davis responsed with a flurry of racially motivated remarks saying that "Sixty years ago, we'd have you hung upside down from a tree!" He then proceeded to punch the cameraman in the face six times. In the ensuing brawl, a small baggy filled with white powder fell from his jacket pocket. An undercover FBI agent who had been following Davis for several years, suspecting him of dealing rocks, picked up the bag and identified it as being cocaine. Later that day, Davis was arrested at his Santa Monica, California home on felony drug possession charges. On his way to being booked Davis was quoted as saying "(Explicative deleted) the po-lice. They planted that cocaine because they're mad I moved the Milkmen to Saskatchawan!"

- Amelia Annberrateda and Muhammad al-Yusarab Contributed to this report

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