Redemption For None- One player short.

After a recent dispute with Redemption For None coach Tyler McAlevy and Nick Adams, Nick Adams left the team and anger and is still questionable why he left. Nick Adams left the team last Monday (May 14) but the disbandment from the team has been relatively quiet, until now. The coach questioned why Adams wasn't attending or refusing any vennis scrimmages/practices, calling it having same sex relationships (gay), in C block quantitative reasoning. In awe over these comments, McAlevy questioned himself if he could have a player with such a negative attitude on his team, he then presented this question to Adams and his response was "I quit." So with the 2007 vennis season opener approaching sometime soon (maybe) Redemption For None is one player short and the team will be holding tryouts for a fourth player. So long and good night, and as always, God Bless America.

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