Saam Resigns

(AP) Toronto - Early Tuesday morning at a press conference in Toronto, Sam Brown resigned from his post as Owner and GM of the Toronto Milkmen. He refused to answer any questions as to why he resigned. Out of the chaos, Jared Davis was appointed by appointed as sole owner of the Milkmen by an emergency session of the Joint Chiefs of Vennis. Later that day another press conference was scheduled announcing the new regime led by Davis. In his first manuever as GM, Davis cut 2nd round draft choice Ben Santos from the squad. He also announced that he would be keeping Saam Brown on the team and as a special assistant to financial operations. Early Wednesday morning, Davis made a shrewd move, announcing the signing of prospect Jay Vance to an undisclosed contract. Vance's speed and agility give the team a strong return attack. The final move Davis made was to announce the relocation and movement of the team. They will now be called The Mighty Project Vandersexx of Amsterdam.

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