Trouble In Wasington Adverted

Trouble in Wasington Adverted

This has been a long and hard week for Wasington. It Started off on Sunday during the draft by ex.-manager Kevin Doxey choosing Two fallen Draft Picks. Justin Smith fell from the highly contested 2nd pick in the draft to third where he was picked up. After the Draft justin was quoted as saying" hey if i could choose i would have come to Wasington, the fans and great but it would have been better to be a higher pick." Then in the Second round Josh Matte was picked up by Wasington. At the time being under Suspension by the LVA, he was still tought to go early, atleast over Joe Kang, and Andrew Schaffer, But after the match the LVA met and took the suspension away under the second steriods test came back negative. At this point the Overachievers were on a high, they made great picks and were currently ranked two in the early polls under the highlanders. Then in a quick desicion made by the LVA elders sent Doxey leaving Wasington in a hurry. Doxey told the press" i am done with Vennis, it's over".at a loss when First Round Draft pick Justin Smith Went in front of the LVA asking them for control of the team and was given the power. Wasington was at a new beginning and Smith started it off right by signing very highly contested free agent Joe Piemonte, with a disclosed contract. Piemonte was quoted as saying " i wanted to come to Wasington the entire time but i was scared of whats going on in the front office, it did not seem well, during the debalce I was about three minutes from signing a contract with The Border Control and Milkmen, but then Justin became the manager and I tought to myself this is where i want to go, he is a great manager and i can win a championship here." joe stated,"Then the next day Justin took leave to spend time with his family and we were not sure if he would return, so i spoke about it with my agent and she told me my best course of action is demand a trade. " it didn't look good the front office told me justin might not be able to play, and they want to build for the future, so i was stuck with josh, he is a good player but i do not know how reliable he is, so i wanted to leave to a better chance at winning." joe said. Then later that day Joe took control of the team as the interm manager, " this is what we need i will make sure this team is going in the right direction until justin comes back, he needs our support and i hope he gets better and comes back soon." then as of the early morning on wednesday Joe started contract negioations with Anthony Lacorazza who at the time was the number one Prospect on anyones team list, and as early as Thursday morning Lacorazza was signed to the team as the Forth member and the first words from the Smith was heard in days, repeating I am sick and I cant go to practice. So the Wasington Overachievers changed there name to The Joe Experience Of Philadelphia hoping to start over and win a championship, "for the first time here i feel good about the team i worked out with Josh and we played well, we are making improvements i hope we can get better but the bad times are over and we can only get better" interm manager joe stated.
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