Vennis Internationale Updates

Since my last Vennis Internationale update the game has made some considerable progress. A short list of some things that have been completed follow…

  • About 80% of the React Game Engine (non-game specific things)
  • Programming of the multiplayer sections of the game has begun
  • The scripting language of Vennis Internationale is finished, its called jaredscript. (see below for information)
  • The GUI system is programmed, some artwork is needed (see below for information)
  • The input system is finished, during testing we will create several default controller configurations

Anyways, I have decided that I would like to have the beta version for the game released May 2nd, 2007, much earlier than anyone expected. But I will need help from viewers like you to get it done…

Vennis Internationale Logo Contest!!

- Design a logo in photoshop for the game, send the file to moc.oohay|sivadwderaj#moc.oohay|sivadwderaj in a .tga format. If your design is selected you win a free copy of Vennis Internationale 2007.

Create your own character!!

- Thats right with the new Vennis Internationale jaredscript scripting system you can create your own Vennis Internationale character.

Basic syntax for the script is like this


To create your character you would use the Athlete object like this…


Thats a short list of some of the property names. I will get a full list of them soon. Also coming soon to the scripting system will be if/then branching statements and comments.

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