This is the old players list.

Series I Players

A Series I player has experienced many tournaments and knows the rules and regulations of Vennis fully.
Being a Series I player has many rights associated with it. All Series I players are part of the Vennis Federation governing body automatically. Only the top Vennis players have a chance at becoming Series I. See the Series I article for more information regarding the special rights attributed to Series I players and how you, yes you, can become Series I.
Series I players may also be known as Vennis Elders, Councilmen, etc. Sometimes they are said to be members of the College of Vennis Cardinals and the head Series I player (currently Jon Rivera) is known as the Pope of Vennis and Leader of all Vennisdom. Note that there are never more than 13 active Series I players, and that all 13 spots need not be filled.

Series II Players

Series II players are the best of not the best players in the game. They know the game, have played in a few tournaments and maybe have won one or two. But they are not ready to carry a team yet. They have yet to gain the skills needed to reach Vennis Nirvana, aka Series Onedom.
Winning Vennis Challenges may allow a Series II player to reach Series I at a faster pace…

Series III Players

Series III players are newer to the game of Vennis, but not so new that they don't deserve to be part of the Vennis Series system. As you become more dedicated/skillfull a Series III player will move up to Series II, and maybe just maybe if a spot opens in the College of Vennis Cardinals, aka Series I then there may be a promotion. Basically if you play vennis and enjoy it, put yourself here and make yourself a player page.

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