Andrew Shaffer

Andrew "T.O." Schaffer

Possibly the greatest vennis player to ever walk the courts…ever. HE IS CURRENTLY SERIES 0 BECAUSE HE IS THE GREATEST!!!With his three different unreturnable serves he is one of the best servers in the game. He is possibly one of the best set up mans in the game and can spike the ball with a passion. Don't crowd his net as John "Cullen" Cullen found out when he tried and recieved a very fast and powerful blow to the face on a serve. His attitude and ego matches his polaying…greatness. He is currently drafted to one of the projected champions of vennis league Redemption For None. One word can sum up this player………………………………Greatness

Game Date Points Assists Aces Styles W/L
enough to be great more than you can count to many almost all amazing all wins and maybe a loss or two
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