Andy Towne

Although one of the original players, Andy has not been able to play regularly since the end of the summer. Andy has made a few appearances since then, including a few in the fall and again in January at the Fat Plate or whatever we decided to call it. I don't remember. Andy also stuck around for the games that followed after that and unfortunately was present when both Brett Higgins and Dan Adams dropped their pants. Bad. Andy also believes he should be promoted to Series 1 because he was among the most frequent players in the spring and summer of last year. He has not been able to play recently because of commitments to work and school and misses the game greatly. Andy also created a group on Facebook called "Vennis Rocks" so that anyone on facebook can learn more about Vennis without having to look hard for an obscure Wikidot site. Andy is also a frequent player of EXTREME Vennis in Josh Matte's basement. This game is based on the rules of regular vennis but includes a ping pong table and other obstacles including chairs, a futon, and more.

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