Jared Davis

A consistent Vennis threat, Davis shows up to play almost every day with an occasional burning desire to win. It has been said that 50% of the time, he wins all the time. Generally, that seems to be Davis' style, constantly hedging himself so that he never actually loses, he just doesn't win. It is a strategy that has worked well for him, as he now commands the media empire Liquid Sword Media (www.lqsmedia.com) and has taken near full control of Vennis. Although no longer a completely unstoppable force on the court, he has proven to be just as difficult to beat on the business side. In fact, his monetary prowess has fostered the creation of an alternate currency known as the Gary Dollar (USGD) that now rivals the U.S. Dollar in purchasing value.

Davis' playing style consists of a hybrid combination of finesse and power. His primary weapon is his powerful left arm, which he affectionately calls "The Chokenator" for reasons unknown. It is rumored that the left side of his body gained super-strength after Davis nearly died during a prolonged battle with Small Pox in his sophomore year of high school. Although his first choice is to use his hands, he occasionally will use his feet for a change of pace. He has been quoted as saying, "Bra, I love to use my hands, it feels a lot better when I do it like that, but once in a while, I like to just take my feet and just take a big whack."

Although offense is the main reason he is feared on the court, his defense has allowed him to win championships. Davis' speed and agility allow him to play spikes and hits that very few other players can reach. His willingness to sacrifice his body for the game has also saved many a point during a championship bout.

His serving style is primarily power serves toward the opponent, although he has some skill as using various other serves.

In the short lived days of the LVA, Davis managed the Windsor Spartans and Project Vandersexx.

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