Jay Vance

Jay "Jaybird" Vance

On January 3, 2007, Jared Davis made what could prove to be the blockbuster deal of the upcoming season. After hours of scouting, conducting several stenuous tests of athletic ability, and negotiations that seemed to last an eternity, Jay Vance was signed to a lucrative contract for the 2007 Vennis season. Vance brings strong leadership along with an extensive background in other ball-related sports to his new team. Although he emulates some not-so-highly-respected althletes like Terrell Owens and JJ Redick, Vance compensates for his arrogance with his outstanding altheticism, fierce competitiveness, and unparalleled heart. Vance will be training this offseason under the guidance of Sylveter Stallone, Mr. T., and Chuck Norris in preparation for his debut season.
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