Sam Brown

Saam Brown

Born in the streets of Milwaukee, Sam transferred to a town named Litchfield at 10 years old. On December 5 2006, Sam found his way to the local vennis courts. He found himself with great power, and a nasty curve. As only a 2-day veteran, he has already won a tournament. Just call him the Chad Johnson of vennis. A player with a game that can back up his mouth. His game has greatly improved throughout his carrer. He started out his career playing as a founder of the Milkmen, but transferred to The Jeffersons after a 2-day span. His first tournament as a Jefferson, they dominated winning each challenge that came about.

Now, Saam is a part of the new team, The Mighty Project Vandersexx of Amsterdam, managed/coached by Jared Davis. Saam prefers to play a wing side, even though he is built to play upfront. He is best at both saves as well as coming up with trick plays. The style points shall be coming in quickly this coming season. The Mighty Project Vandersexx of Amsterdam is the top team for the 2007 season, and they expect to win many championships this coming year.

Game Date Points Assists Aces Styles W/L
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