Tim Peterson

Tim "God" Peterson

Tim Peterson is the first Vennis prodigy. Considered a mere Series II player (a typo in the world of Vennis) the indomitable Tim Peterson is a daunting six foot one wall of agony for his foes. He has redefined the role of front man in the game of Vennis by quickly surpassing the likes of Series I Player Joe Piemonte. He has recently agreed to join team “Redemption for None” with his teammates Tyler “Shags” McAlevy (Series I) and Andrew “Series 0” Schaffer (Series II). Tim Peterson will easily lead the team to victory with his stunning good looks and relentless trash-talkery. Team “Redemption for None” (R4N) has agreed to give Tim the contract he desires; $10.00 every seventeen games and the team is never allowed to sign a player better look than The Great Tim “God” Peterson, not that there are any. “God” is skilled in the set, the spike and the serve with his only weakness being his kicks. He specializes at frontal attack and ass-kickery. Tim has recently designed his own serve simply titled “The Death.” Fear Tim “God” Peterson……. And if you ever want to play (lose in) Vennis call 391-9713.

Game Date Points Assists Aces Styles W/L
Always Too Many Assists are for the weak Not Many : - ) N/A
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