So you want to know what the best ways to Vennis are? Luckily for you we've made a guide to the most pleasurable positions your Vennis team can have. Also, there are some formations here as well.

Basic Positions


The front-man is an essential piece of a standard 3-man formation. The front-man's primary concern is to block spikes, win line-battles, defend the fatherland, and set up spikes for wingers.


In a standard 3-man formation, the winger's primary responsibility is to dig spikes and deliver spikes to the opposing court. A winger is generally athletic and agile, with good placement ability. In the East-West formation, the wingers responsibility is the same, except the winger must dig and set with more precision to account for the lack of a front-man.


The back position is used during a 2-man I-formation.This player must account for the entire backfield that would be normally shared by 2 people in the East-West formation. A successful Back player must be very speedy, as well as agile and have a skilled ability at reading oncoming hits.


The center is used in the 3-man Deep Throat and occasionally in a 3-man East-West. The center's primary concern is organizing the defense and covering whatever position opens up during normal volley rotation.

For 2 People


Also known as "Front-On".

Deep Throat

For 3 (Or More) People

Deep Throat Trips

Same as Deep Throat, except the additional player can stand at the net. If there are more players they can cover the wings of the formation


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