Series I

Reaching Series I is the pinnacle of Vennis achievement. Only some can reach this highly regarded state sometimes called Vennis Nirvana. With becoming Series I, a player is given many rights that Series II players and below do not get. Because Series II and below players have no rights.

Rights of a Series I Player

  • Series I players may become members of the LVA/Vennis Council.
  • Series I players may officiate official Vennis matches and tournaments
  • Only Series I players may manage an official LVL team (Exceptions can be made by the LVA)
  • Series I players are allowed to write and post news articles on the front page of the website
  • Series I players are given the right to free speech
  • Series I players have the right to carry a firearm
  • Series I players can inherently decline against being transferred from a team
  • Other implied rights which are not listed above

How Can I Become Series I?

The un-official guide to reaching Vennis Nirvana, by Jared Davis

Well you could start by not playing so bad. Maybe setting the ball once in a while instead of trying to spike it with a wimpy little push from the mid-section would help. Maybe sacrificing your body so you can make the improbable return will help. Maybe making all the routine returns would help.

But what do you do once you've done all that?
Well thats easy, stop thinking your so great and that you do all that. Because you don't. And if you think you do, you still don't. If you are not Series I, you are scum. Once you realize you are scum, you won't be scum anymore. That is when you reach Vennis Nirvana.

I think I'm scum, am I Series I now?
Definitaly not. Proclaiming that you are scum, does not mean you think you are scum. Thinking you should be on Series I, is in itself not thinking that you are not scum. Scum is not on Series I. Series I players are not scum.
You cannot ask to be on Series I, you can be promoted to Series I. Be patient, young grasshopper, for with my help, you just could be the best.

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