The Chicago SexCops

Created in late November 2006 the SexCops have quickly grown to be a strong force in the world in Vennis. Although finishing low in their first tournaments, everyone could see the talent. They became a fan favorite for their trademark victory cry "SexCops Win! SexCops Win!". The SexCops had their first breakout tournament at the Nesmith Open with a strong 2nd place finish. They are currently working on a new formation to fight against rich Cautela called Deep Throat.

Founding Members

  • Jared Davis
  • Joe Piemonte

Other Current and Former Members

SexCops Win!

The SexCops play a style of Vennis rarely seen today, and its all about the heart. With the increased commercialization and big contracts being given out in Vennis these days you usually don't find many teams which put their hearts and their bodies on the line like the SexCops. They may not be the most athletic bunch but at least they have heart.


The SexCops are skilled in the use of…

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