Project Vandersexx

Origins & History

The Mighty Fighting Project Vandersexx of Amsterdam were originally known as the Toronto Milkmen. When manager Saam Brown resigned after being found to have at least eighteen illegitimate children, Jared Davis took control of the team after beating Mark Cuban and Prince in a fight to the death. Davis then moved the team to Amsterdam, Saskatchawan and renamed them the Mighty Fighty Project Vandersexx.

Team Roster

  • Forward: Jared Davis
  • Forward: Jay Vance
  • Winger: Saam Brown
  • Winger: Shayla Gannon (Transfer Listed, Trade Pending with The Border Patrol, as long as Pete isn't a jerk and accepts his own girlfriend on his team)


After losing out on the sponsorship of Viagra to The Border Patrol, Davis looked to sign another worthy sponsor. A sponsor that would become the name of the franchise for years to come. That sponsor came to him one day while doing a routine internet search…

Primary Sponsor:
Secondary Sponsor: Chip & Dales

Rich 2.0

After uncovering The Border Patrols plans to create a specialized robot to dominate the world of Vennis, PV launched their own campaign to create the ultimate vennis player. They call it 'Rich 2.0' and many believe that Davis is using the Vennis Tactic Simulator (The same thing used to create Deep Throat) to help design her. Yes thats right, 'Rich 2.0' is actually a woman. Designed to outright reject the 7 teste'd Border Patrol player so that it loses all confidence in itself and self-destructs.

Home Stadium

A $2.7 Billion project is underway in Amsterdam to construct "The Club" an indoor playing arena and whore house where Project Vandersexx will play beginning in 2008.

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