One of the projected champions of Vennis Redemption for None is a very well rounded team. With Andrew "T.O." Schaffer and Tyler "Shaggs" Mcalevy as the two servers and Tim "The Great" Peterson as the set/spike man this team is BRUTAL with a capital everything. Schaffer being one of the best servers in Vennis and Peterson as a great set up and improving spiker this string is so manly it makes Chuck Norris look like a fairy. And with a recent pick up of Nick Adams from the free agent pool, this team has become much more that just a team, they have become, THE OVERLORDS. Look out for this loud, stylish, zazzy, and best of all dangerous team.

Manager- Tyler "Shaggs" McAlevy
First Round Pick- Andrew "T.O" Schaffer
Second Round Pick- Tim "The Great" Peterson
Free Agent- Nick Adams

Sponsorships and Endorsements- Stem Cell Research, Dairy Queen, Verbs and Abortion Clinics, you make 'em we pop 'em.

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