The Border Patrol

Manager: Peter Chuckran
1st Round Pick: George Regan
2nd Round Pick: Alex Prolman
Free Agents: TBD

Manager Pete Chuckran went with some risky moves drafting George Regan and Alex Prolmen. Both prospect players, Chuckran left the LVA scratching their heads. Little did they know that george is made of metal, and has inspector gadget like limbs, which evidently no other manager noticed durring the scouting combine. Also Alex is a Jew. He can shapeshift into something useful, like Gatorade or a sombraro. The Free Agent hasnt yet been determined, as we speak Chuckran has a group of scientist working in his basement on the ultimate vennis player. He will have 4 arms, 3 legs, and 7 testes for impregnating several women in a matter of minutes.

-Dr. Alfonze Klondike

Sponsors: Pete's Gun and Tackle, Dr. Thunder (Sams Cola inc.), Saudia Arabia, Viagra, and Viewers Like You

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