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quoted from Jon Rivera:
well, my first idea toward the vennis league was to be a free agent or a draftee, seeing that i might have had what it took to manage, and also that i'm not one of the best Vennis players. but i made the decision to mange and forged the Highlanders. in reality, i got screwed over with the draft originally because i got to pick last- not a good situation for a rookie manager. however i lucked out with a prodominantly 'series 1' vennis team.

concerning Steve:
i'm worried at all about steve, as i know well of his abilities. being a soccer player, he's very athletic, and he tries hard at every tournement he plays in. also i know him and i work well together on the field- i learned this from our early alliance on the team 'The Krazy Texicans'. he plays Northpaw very well, with his accurate placement, making my top player…

concerning Nick:
i'm going to be honest… i was a bit leary about him as a member of the Highlanders at first. but, from what iv'e seen of him, nick has what it takes to be top series 1 vennis player. despite that fact that he's a series 3, and that i have not seen his joint skill with me nor brad loeb. also, i'm not sure how much heat has has for the sport which is equally important. nevertheless, i'll do what it takes [within reason] to shape nick into series 1 material…

conerning brad:
i know he's a very active player on his own [a one man army], but vennis is a team sport, where communication and cooperation are very crucial factors. in prior games playing on brad's side i noticed that he's all over the place on the court, setting, serving, and spiking. but, when it came to manning his own position he never really came through. it's okay to want to go for the ball a lot, as long as you can cover your own position as well. if not, then stay put and worry about your own job. brad's not the only one who has this habit in the litchfield vennis league, but he's my friend and my priority, so he's the only one i care about helping. however i know that he'll listen to my advice as i've had a bit of experience on the court and he'll apply what i say, as will all my other players do.

brad, i'm coutin' on you this season, and i know you'll do the right thing…

reason{s} for not picking josh:
josh is one of my best friends and i wanted on my team. however, there were a few problems with this. one was that he is not that reliable in terms of availability at seasonal vennis events. also i'm not entirely sure he enjoys vennis or has heart. he was also suspended for steroid use [something i had no say in] [i will not discuss specifics] but this would most likely negatively affect the team chemistry of the Highlanders, and i could'nt allow that to happen, so i chose nick & brad instead…

in this stage of veniss' life there are issues that must be dealt with. i'm unsure of the opinions of the other members of the LVL, but if you'd like to hear mine click the link below to read my interview with the press concerning the said issues…

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