The Minorities

Our current roster is as follows:

1.Richard Cautela
2.Kevin Doxy (pending a contract signature)
3. Joe Kang (pending a contract signature)
4. Mike Depew

GM: Richard Cautela

"My first pick was Joe Kang, i Picked him for several reasons;
- he is eager
- he has heart
- good serve
- Loyal to the team
- I believe he is going to be a world class player
But most of all; he sticks to the team strategy!
(contracts with Kang as currently being negotiated)

I had to Cut Nick Adams due to lack of heart. I also felt he did not want to be on my team as much as the others, so for his benefit i let him become a free agent.

Im Currently finishing up negotiations with Kevin Doxy, and he should be signed shortly. I picked him up due to his will to win, his heart, and his exemplory setting abilities. Welcome to the team Dox!

DePew is also a new member of the minorities, I picked him up as a free agent with a 1 year contract signed. He has more heart than anyone ive ever seen and i believe he will play to win, not for the bountiful rewards.

P.S to all general managers; we need to set up a date for middle school recruiting, so we all have an equal chance for scouting.

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