Created by Jared Davis in early 2007, Vennixtreme is a variation of the Vennis Rules loosely based off the XFL, Hockey, and UFC.

Notable Differences

  • On a serve, a ball may bounce once in the serving court
  • Physical contact is allowed at the line, including body checking
  • Every match must end in a brawl
  • The Number of Sets played is always even, and a draw is decided by a Penalty Ace Shootout
  • The point system is rally point based
  • Women may not play Vennixtreme, for fear of their health safety

Other Vennixtreme Variations

Hockey Vennixtreme - The team that loses the point serves, there is a maximum of 5 seconds in between a serve. Instead of being Set based, the team that wins is the team that scores the most points in 4, 5 minute periods. If a player fouls he must stay in the penalty box for a set amount of time. The ball may also be served from anywhere on the court.

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